Stream Filters

GMimeFilter — Abstract filter class
GMimeFilterBasic — Basic transfer encoding filter
GMimeFilterBest — Determine the best charset/encoding to use for a stream
GMimeFilterCharset — Charset-conversion filter
GMimeFilterCRLF — Convert line-endings from LF to CRLF or vise versa
GMimeFilterEnriched — Convert text/enriched or text/rtf to HTML
GMimeFilterFrom — Escape MBox From_ lines
GMimeFilterGZip — GNU Zip compression/decompression
GMimeFilterHTML — Convert plain text into HTML
GMimeFilterMd5 — Calculate an md5sum
GMimeFilterStrip — Strip trailing whitespace from the end of lines
GMimeFilterWindows — Determine if text is in a Microsoft Windows codepage
GMimeFilterYenc — yEncode or yDecode